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main constituents: vitamins A, B-complex, and C, citric acid, malic acid, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, quercetin, beta-carotene, amino acids, tannins, polysaccharides, phenolic acid, triterpenes

spiritually and energetically, elderberry is likened to the hawk animal spirit and the element of fire, with water and air being secondary elements.

much like the hawk, the elder tree is known as the messenger between the spirit and earth realm. it's branches are used to keep fires and they make excellent flutes and whistles for communicating with spirit.

my communion with the elder tree, from it's hallow-like branches to it's creamy white flowers and deep purple berries, has been a deep exploration of truth. many ancient cultures liken the elder tree to that of an actual alder, an older, wise family or community member; and it's name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word "aeid" which means "fire". so speaking of deep exploration of truth, spiritually, elderberry has a unique way of presenting truth, much like a well respected elder; not harsh or gentle. elderberry presents both sides of a spectrum, offering a higher view of any situation. it delivers truth just as it is, which can seem harsh, if not for it's nurturing, protecting energy that seems to let you know, "this is the raw reality and it is ok".


the wise elder tree teaches how to build the fire within by deeply understanding and respecting our water; our natural emotional waves. building a fire requires an unwavering persistence ... read more


elderberry collection

dried elderberries | starts at $15 
elderberry syrup | $25

plant walk & communion

The Elder Spirit

Communing with Sambucus nigra in any way, from personal experiences, has proven to be beneficial. this plant is very abundant in Central Florida where the water is plenty. it loves to reside near lakes, rivers, roadsides and even electrical hazardous zones. I begin to notice this plant more around 2019 and by 2020, it was obvious to me that it was requesting to be seen, invited in and communed with. this was ironically right before the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic; now elderberry syrup can be found almost everywhere. many people are gravitating towards this new commodity, but please do not forget the spirit of the elder tree. i invite you to become aware of its presence, seek it out, and spend a moment with it. truth will be revealed.

The focus of this event is identifying the Sambucus nigra|elderberry tree and building a relationship with the spirit of the tree.

  • This plant walk is designed to teach how to honor and listen to plants before harvesting and partaking in its physical medicines.

  • This event is not designed as a foraging event, as elderberries will not be ripe during this time of the season.

  • There will be a storytelling segment with a unique, mythical story of the elder tree and its relation to us.

  • This communion also includes a painting session with homemade elderberry watercolor paint.

  • Each participant will receive an elderflower essence with the opportunity to use it to divine with the elder tree.

  • Every ticket purchase enters a raffle for a handmade wand made from the bark of an elder tree (great to use for energy healing and/or reiki).

This even is kid friendly and we encourage you to bring the little ones. Please bring your own snacks and water.

Location is in Baldwin Park near Lake Baldwin.


Oct 8, 2022 | 9-11am
Baldwin Park | Orlando, FL
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