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intuitively crafted 

all of my waistbeads are made custom. 

they all come with a write-up that express the intuitive meanings attached to the colors, numbers, and crystals used, as well as a spirit animal card message and any overwhelming feelings I had while creating. 

each one is infused with reiki healing energy. 

they are are cleansed with smoke and/or charged water. 

one is completed in 2 or more hours. 
this is truly a work of passion. 

please browse our collection of custom made waistbeads for inspiration.

seasonal collections can be ordered directly from site. 

all custom orders will require a form submission. 

*please note that I will not recreate any waistbeads to be identical to a previous set. pictures of previous sets are only for inspiration. 

I have the right to deny any service. 

Featured Waistbeads