The "Who, Why, & How" 

Yaa Nikua
I could give myself many titles and step into many different boxes, but the most purest expression of who I am is Uniqua.
With hands that heal, honoring bodies that feel, I create. 

I am ordained because I am.

-Yaa Nikua

An Unfolding Story

Our foundation is in healing, learning, and creating. Healing is a continuous process of contraction and expansion. To go within and explore ourselves and our communities offers an opportunity for us to unlearn through our pains and learn new ways of being in order to expand and create the best versions of our self. 


Our Commitment

We are committed to learning, educating, and expanding on Health & Wellness, Spirituality, and Economic Development.

Our products and services are all grounded in wellness because that is the key to economic development.  Honoring our bodies and our full self is how we proclaim our sovereignty.