Berry Vegan Cupcakes is more than a vegan bakery; Being operated by home-school students and parents, we strive to help strengthen communities by offering learning workshops designed to promote healthier eating, and we are now incorporating healing herbs into our desserts for an additional nutritional boost.  



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students of Ubuntu Learning Academy



Want to make your own vegan beignets?

Our recipe has been tried and tested and has been deemed "better than Cafe Du Monde"!


For only $8.88 you can have unlimited access to our "New Orleans' Style Beignets" video recipe and play Princess Tiana right at home.


After purchasing, you will receive an emailed pdf of the full written recipe to use along with the video. 

Herb Infused Desserts 

As a growing herbalist, Yaa Nikua has began creating wonderful herbal infused desserts. Our recipes have become  more nutritional to offer additional wellness support while satisfying the sweet tooth. Our latest herbal infused desserts can be custom-tailored and ordered from the pantry

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Lemon Cake with turmeric and edible flow
Rose Nettle Chocolate Cake batter
Strawberry #3 Batter

Friday Bake Day & Bake Sale Saturday

w| Ubuntu Learning Academy's

Unfolding Project

Every Friday, students at Ubuntu Learning Academy have the opportunity to create and bake plant-based desserts to honor our sacral and heart chakras. Baking covers such a wide range of topics. Students can expect to learn chemistry, addition, fractions, writing, speaking, videography, and so much more in our baking class. more information... 

The Unfolding Project is a collaborative business effort between the students of Ubuntu Learning Academy and Berry Vegan Cupcakes. The Unfolding Project's mission is to provide financial resources to the families of the academy and members of the community.

Every Saturday is our Bake Sale Day! coming soon to the pantry... 


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