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Self-Sustainability and Sovereignty requires Collective Movement

The Unfolding Project

The Unfolding Project is a collaborative effort by community members and the home-schooled students and parents of Ubuntu Learning Academy, designed to promote community-based education by accessing the community's needs and resources and making connections to provide the needed education.  


Continuously "unfolding", our goal is to produce a community-based education system that allows community members to recycle resources, information, and wealth, ultimately leading to self-sufficiency. 

How does it work?

Ubuntu Learning Academy hosts day classes for children 4-8 years old on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Each day has a different theme that teaches our connection to nature and one another.


Friday/Venus Day is also known as Bake Day! On Friday, we bake vegan desserts with Berry Vegan Cupcakes to be enjoyed by our families and also sold at local farmer's markets.  All sales will contribute to student's tuition and other community needs.  

berry vegan cupcakes logo

In collaboration with Berry Vegan Cupcakes, we are able to make money by selling desserts on Saturdays and managing our own plant-based dessert YouTube channel. 

Ubuntu Learning Academy aims to collaborate with other businesses and families to share resources. Subscribe to our newsletter for more information on our "unfolding". 

we are looking for partner organizations, volunteers, and educators 

The Unfolding Project is a continuously evolving community effort. We continue to move with the help of community. By assessing community needs as well as resources, we are able to align principles and connect parents, students, organizations and business to the needed resources within the community in order to thrive. This not only helps parents and businesses provide education to the community, but it helps parents afford a proper education for their child(ren) by supporting local businesses. 

Parents, Guardians and Business Owners

This form will assess economic needs for your family and/or business to be able to provide the best parenting and lifestyle for our families and communities to thrive.

There is an intake session for you to share your current needs, personal skills, passions, values and offerings; which will assist us in determining the best way we can support one another by means of community collaboration. If you have a class you would like to offer to students (birth-18 years old) and/or parents | guardians, please be sure to include it in the form. 

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