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homestead vegan, plant-based desserts foods ready for pickup in the Orlando, Florida region of the US. our menu is seasonal and is subject to changes. all products in the pantry are created in collaboration with local home-school students 

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Seasonal Dessert Menu

We are now accepting custom orders for the state of Florida only.

We are located in Central Florida and can deliver anywhere within the state (delivery rates determined by distance).


If you live outside of Florida and would like to have Berry Vegan Cupcakes at your next event, feel free to complete the form and we will contact you to confirm details.  

Pricing starts at:

$30 dozen single flavor cupcakes

$45 2 layer 8" cake

$35 alkaline dozen single flavor cupcakes

$50 alkaline 2 layer 8" cake 

Seasonal Menu

  • Berry Unique: chocolate, cacao cake w| raspberry puree center and chocolate raspberry frosting

  • Strawberry #9: strawberry, citrus cake w| strawberry jam center and strawberry frosting

  • Cool Aries: beet colored red velvet cake with coconut frosting and undertones

  • Love Rays: spiced and loaded carrot cake with pineapple & walnuts, topped with cream cheese frosting and pistachios 

  • Day & Night: chocolate vanilla swirled cake w| ripe burro or baby bananas and chocolate & cream sandwich cookies

  • Nikki Blue: blueberry lemon cake topped with lemon frosting and fresh blueberries w| a chia seed blueberry jam in the center

  • Giving Sweet Thanks: sweet potato soufflé flavored cake with cream cheese frosting and candied pecans (can be substituted for walnuts)

  • Matcha Lavender: Matcha and lavender infused cake w| matcha frosting, topped with lavender honey (honey is not considered vegan, agave substitute)

  • Cacao Nettle Rose: chocolate, cacao nettle & rose infused cake, topped w| chocolate frosting and rose petals 

  • Vanilla Lavender: vanilla lavender infused cake w| vanilla frosting topped with lavender 

Our cupcake flavors can be tailored to meet your needs and desire. Let us know what flavors you would like in the comment section.

Dessert Custom Order Form

Need a custom order? Complete this form no later than 72 hours prior to the date needed and we will follow up with a phone call/email to confirm details. 

Cupcakes or Cakes

Herb Infused Desserts 

As we continue to learn and expand, our recipes will become more nutritional to encourage and promote healthier eating. As a growing herbalist, Yaa Nikua has began creating wonderful herbal infused desserts. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our matcha & lavender cupcakes, rose nettle cacao cupcakes, lemon turmeric cake, and so much more. 

Lemon Cake with turmeric and edible flow
Rose Nettle Chocolate Cake batter
Strawberry #3 Batter

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