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"Separation identifies the fundamentals of our essence. Connection sets motion, and highlights our essence in it's most true state of being." - Yaa Nikua

Our Intentions

are first and foremost to always be and move in integrity. We are sovereign beings and we do not consent to being replicated, exploited, preyed upon or any of the likes. Our purpose here is to cultivate a space of positive expansion by destroying what has been detrimental, and providing tools and education to a better wellbeing. 


Our Offerings

are all umbrellaed under "health & wellness" and separated into three fundamental companies. Berry V Apothecary is our online store, offering spiritual & healing tools for the whole body, mind and spirit. Berry Vegan Cupcakes is a homestead vegan bakery, operated by the students of Ubuntu Learning Academy, a holistic homeschool specializing in community-style education and self-sustainability; based on the African philosophy of Ubuntu, "I am because we are'. 


physical, mental, spiritual 

tools • food • foundation

—  Tyler D Morgan

testimonial + reviews 

"Such a beautiful handmade treasure from Yaa Nikua. She has authentic kindness. The energy infused into this is right on time."

Join our tribe 

Building community and connections across the world (outside of social media) is a primary goal of ours. Joining our tribe will allow us to stay connected as we experience the immense changes happening all over the world. Get up to date global health & wellness updates, recipes, early release and pre-order updates, online/local workshop information and so much more. 

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Hours of Operation

Berry Vegan Cupcakes

Monday - Friday

(excluding event dates, above)

9am-4pm est 

Berry V Apothecary


(excluding event dates above)

9am-4pm est

Ubuntu Learning Academy

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

8am-4pm est