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In the 13th century, apothecaries were known to be storehouses or repositories that held goods and commonly needed items for community use. Later, the term evolved to mean medical or herbal stores. Today, ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores selling & donating many different items are called apothecaries. The meaning of our apothecary is all in the name. 





represents the fruit of who we are. The number 5 is a number that's so intimately connected to our human existence, representing many things from our 5 basic senses, to the nurturing womb and vaginal portal in which we have been blessed to come from. Our goal here is to house powerful tools, products and services that assists us in healing, honoring, and creating our Selves. 

"Separation identifies the fundamentals of our essence. Connection sets motion, and highlights our essence in it's most true state of being." - Yaa Nikua

Plant Medicines and Healing Tools & Services 

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waistbeads - flower essences - wands - reiki healing - oracle cards & more

Plant-based & Herbal-infused Desserts


Berry Vegan Cupcakes is more than a vegan bakery; Our goal is to provide yummy plant-based desserts and educational resources that not only teach to bake but covers science and math lessons! We strive to help strengthen communities by offering learning workshops designed to promote healthier eating, and we are now incorporating healing herbs into our desserts for an additional nutritional boost.  

  • Free plant-based dessert recipes

  • Children's baking classes

  • Early content from our baking curriculum book

  • Order vegan desserts

(W)holistic Education 


community education network

Ubuntu Learning Academy

community education is our foundation. we are here to provide unconventional education to bring about radical, needed change. 


testimonial + reviews 

—  Tyler D Morgan

"Such a beautiful handmade treasure from Yaa Nikua. She has authentic kindness. The energy infused into this is right on time."

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